April 28, 2022

Vedic Remedies for Good Health

We are here to provide you with some astrological tips for a healthy body if you have been struggling with a disease for a while or if a family member is facing a health problem. By following these few simple instructions, you can achieve physical and mental balance. According to astrology, every health problem is linked to a planet in the birth chart. Either the planet is located in the wrong position or it is being negatively affected by another planet.

The Vedic Remedies for Good Health are considered to be of great importance in Indian astrology and Vastu. These remedies, which include Yagya, Graha Shanti, Pooja, Mantra, Vrata, Tantra, Stones, and Yantra Gems, were all mentioned in the Veda, Purana and Upanishads. The most well-known Yagya, ‘Ashwamedha Yagya’, was performed by Lord Shri Ram after conquering Ravan in ancient times. This is just one example of the remedies that have been used since ancient times.

Let us find out which planet is associated with which disease.

Sun: If the Sun is in a weak position in your birth chart, you may have problems with your stomach, eyes, liver, heart, head, skin, or fever. You may also have neurological problems or be unconscious.

Moon: A weak position of the Moon can lead to a variety of problems, including asthma, diarrhea, blood problems, water shortages or excesses, vomiting, diabetes, appendix, kidney problems, coughs, mouth problems, urinary tract problems, lung problems, mental problems, and heart problems.

Mars: The presence of Roga Dosha in a birth chart can indicate a predisposition to certain diseases. These include blood disorders, skin conditions, problems with the neck and throat, tumors, cancer, piles, ulcers, urinary tract problems, and fever.

Mercury: When Mercury is strong in a person’s chart, they are said to be blessed with wit and humor. However, when Mercury is weak, it can lead to problems with speech, head, and insomnia. Hysteria is also said to be linked to a weak Mercury.

Jupiter: There are health problems associated with organs like the ears, kidney, liver, and pancreas, as well as conditions like diabetes, weak memory, jaundice, and teeth problems.

Venus: There are a number of health problems associated with this planet, including vision problems, epilepsy, indigestion, urinary tract problems, throat problems, jaundice, and impotence.

Saturn: A strong Saturn in your horoscope indicates a long life, while a weak Saturn can result in problems like skin diseases and problems with your legs.

Rahu: Measles, weakness, total loss of rationality, cancer, and severe agony are all linked to this planet.

Ketu: This planet’s position can cause problems like weakness, laziness, and blood disorders, as well as allergies and wounds.

There are a variety of Vedic Remedies for Good Health that have been a part of our lives for a long time and are well-known to everyone. These are traditional Indian rites and rituals that naturally encourage us to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. There are many ways to improve ourselves through yoga, fasting, meditation, giving food or clothing to the poor, and performing religious activities at homes such as yoga, Satsang, and havan. The aim of all these is to improve our present life and correct our past by doing better and superior ‘karma’ or deeds.

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