April 18, 2022

Mystery of Chandi Path

Goddess Durga is divine. She is the guardian of all good things. She is the invincible power created by all the gods to destroy the evil Mahishasura.

The Gods could not destroy Mahishasura because he had obtained special powers. Therefore, they created a supreme entity called Durga Maa to destroy him and restore peace to the world.

There are many benefits to reciting the Chandi Path. Doing so on all nine days of Navratri is said to give the reader logical and calculative presence of mind, as well as courage and motivation. Reading and understanding the scripture is said to lead to fearlessness.

Chandi Path Day-1

Chandi Path Day-2

Chandi Path Day-3

Chandi Path Day-4

Chandi Path Day-5

Chandi Path Day-6

Chandi Path Day-7

Chandi Path Day-8

Chandi Path Day-9

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