May 9, 2022

Interesting Facts About People Born in May

May is a month of hope and optimism when we celebrate mothers and remember those who have given their lives for us. Memorial Day is a special time to reflect on the sacrifices made for our freedom, and we are fortunate that it usually falls on a weekend.

There are plenty of perks that come with being born in May. For starters, you get to share a birthday month with Mom. But that’s not all. Babies born in May are also known for being physically and mentally healthy. How cool is that? 

Find out ten interesting facts about people born in May by reading on.

Characteristics of people born in the month of May

People born in May have a lot of different personalities. They can be complex, but they’re usually logical. They might be sensitive or introverted, but they’re also often ambitious and powerful. If they believe in something, they can be very determined and uncompromising. They are also known to be very dynamic and passionate individuals. Their love for adventure often leads them to explore new places and cultures.

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Extremely lucky

There have been various research and studies conducted to understand how lucky those born in May are. For example, a study conducted in 2004 revealed that people born in May considered themselves luckier than those from other months.


Aside from being lucky, those born in May are visionaries and optimists with a positive approach to life. The birth flowers of those born in May are the beautiful lily of the valley and the hawthorn flower, a small pale pink bud that blooms o

n thorny bushes. These flowers represent a variety of positive qualities, including harmony, hope, patience, fortune, modesty, tenderness, pureness, and love.


Kids born during the fifth month have a lower risk of respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological conditions, giving you another reason to be optimistic!


According to the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics, kids born in the months of April and May go on to pursue a wide, even spread of professions! There’s nothing May (and April) kids can’t do!

Lots of career options

A recent study has found that certain birth months are linked with specific professions or occupations. For example, those born in December are more likely to become dentists. People born in May have a diverse range of professions. Unlike people born in other months, those born in May are not linked with one particular profession, suggesting they have many professional options.

Night owls

People born in May tend to stay up late. Studies show that people born in spring tend to stay up late at night compared to those born in autumn and winter. You are more productive at night than during the day. They tend to be more creative, wealthy, and smarter than early risers.

Cutest and tiniest babies

Babies born in May are the cutest and tiniest, according to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine. Scientists suggest this is due to the amount of vitamin D the mother is exposed to, indicating that the babies have low amounts of vitamin D in the womb.

Open-minded in Love

A recent study has found that those born in May are significantly less likely to marry people born in the same month. This scientific conclusion can be quite startling, but it may imply that those born in May are more open-minded and relate to the phrase ‘Opposites attract.’ People born in May are respectful. They respect the decisions of their partners and believe in mutual respect. They would gravitate toward someone who can love them wholeheartedly.

Bitten by the travel bug

People born in May are curious about the world and love to travel to new places. They are motivated by their curiosity about different cultures and people and love to meet new people and explore places that have never been explored before. They are an independent lot and like to be financially independent, so they can fulfill their dreams.

Born leaders

Leadership comes naturally to those born in May – they are born to lead! They are focused and productive, making them ideal for leading others effectively. You can trust them to get the job done – they are a hard-working bunch who always strive to meet their high standards.

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